Dovik Fridlich, CEO and Founder

Dovik Tours, was founded by Mr. Dovik Fridlich, an expert Poland tour guide and a Poland Enthusiastic. As a descendant of Holocaust survivors, Dovik chose to guide Israeli youth Holocaust journeys to Poland. 10 years and hundreds of groups later, Dovik’s passion to Poland only grew, and he aimed to expose the rest of the Israeli market to the other sides of beautiful Poland:

The amazing landscapes, the locals, the fascinating history, the welcoming hospitality, the tourist attractions, and much more than meets the eyes.

On 2014 Dovik launched a dedicated Poland boutique, operating and marketing adults, families, spa and theme based outgoing groups.

The boutique’s main focus is on the leisure market, and the golden-age (both b2b and b2c). We operate groups in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Spanish and Russian.

Following to our success in recent years, the boutique has become a knowledge-base for Poland fans, tour guides and agencies making their first steps in the Polish market. We connect them to local Polish artists, academy scholars, and Jewish heritage projects all over Poland, hence strengthening the Polish-Israeli cooperation.

Our clients choose us based on our well-known reputation, 5 stars service, high-level products and our Poland Professionals’ team.

If you seek for a different adventure in Poland, the “Dovik” way, or you are a Polish entity looking for exciting tourism cooperation, you’ve reached the right place! Contacts us on and we would love to assist you.

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